Web Design

Lovely Designs. Lovely Prices.


You are going to be online within a few weeks. I am happy to find the right composition, colors to present you or your company online. You provide the texts ans images and I take care of everything else.

My job is to design a layout that represents you or your business and appeals to the target group you are addressing. Read more about what to expect choosing a Lovely Codes designed website. More Information

Online Store

Sell your service or products online. A well designed online store is the key to sell your products. Get paid with PayPal, Credit Cards or Debit Cards.

I provide an easy to use system to manage your orders and inventory. While I take care of the design of your Online Store you can start thinking about the prices you want me to type in. 

You will be able to independently run that Shop once it is set up; without coding at all. More Information


Flat Fee Service

Take your pick out of my service packages. I chose to offer flat fees so you know exactly how much my service will cost you by the time you hire me. Browse through the different service packages and choose what you need; all the packages are offered without hidden fees and after taxes.

If you desired a service combination that is not offered, please contact me and we will figure out a flat fee for your purpose.  See Flat Fee Services